アユミ ミツカネ

ayumi mitsukane
Fashion designer / photographer / artist

北海道生まれ。2005年よりフリーとして創作を開始。2007年には「China International Knitting Trade Fair」に出展。2008年より船橋芳信氏に師事。翌年、第84回装苑賞最終審査進出。装苑11月号掲載 コシノジュンコ氏に選出される。その後、準備期間を経て2013年よりayumi.mitsukaneブランドを設立。同年より東京青山にて年2回の展示会を開始している。2015年にはアート作品展「BOUSHI」の開催や、「2016 JAPAN VIETNAM FESTIVAL」「JAPAN Wave Expo」への出展など展開を広げる。

表現者としての基本コンセプトは、“コンテンポラリーアートへの投げかけ” 「時代の空気を感じながら新しい表現方法を模索する。たくさんの驚きと感動と刺激を与える事がayumi.mitsukane の使命。」と語る。 その記憶に残る構築的な造形美は特別な存在として支持を集めています。

また、2010年頃から堀口マモル氏の影響もあり、フォトグラファーとしても活動。自身の作品にセルフポートレートとして彩りを添える。フィリピンでは貧困に喘ぐ劣悪な環境の中で活躍する日本人の助産師/冨田江里子さんの活動を支援するSmiling Babyの活動を追う。2020年には撮りおろした作品集として初のフォトブック『AM』を国内外に向け発表予定。


Born in Hokkaido Japan. Started creating as free in 2005. In 2007, exhibited at “China International Knitting Trade Fair”. Studied with Yoshinobu Funabashi since 2008. The following year, the 84th cosmetic award final screening advance. The November edition published in the magazine is selected as Koshino Junko. After a period of preparation, the ayumi.mitsukane brand was established in 2013. From the same year, the exhibition has been started twice a year in Aoyama, Tokyo. In 2015, the exhibition of art works “BOUSHI” and exhibitions at “2016 JAPAN VIETNAM FESTIVAL” and “JAPAN Wave Expo” will be expanded.

The basic concept of the artist is “Throwing to contemporary art” “Finding a new way of expression while feeling the air of the times. The mission of ayumi.mitsukane is to give a lot of surprises, emotions and inspirations.” The architectural beauty that is remembered in the memory attracts support as a special existence.

Also from around 2010, Mamoru Horiguchi has an influence, he also works as a photographer. Add coloring as self portraits to your work. In the Philippines, follow the activities of Smiling Baby to support the activities of a Japanese midwife / Eriko Tomita who is active in a poor environment to suffer from poverty. In 2020, we plan to release the first photo book “AM” for domestic and overseas collections as a collection of works taken down.

As a creator, as an artist, I will continue to create an insightful worldview with delicate and original conceptual abilities.

Other Themes


フィリピン・スモーキーマウンテン。ゴミの中で暮らす人々、そして子供たち。その現実を目の当りにして、フォトグラファー堀口マモルにできたのは、煌びやかなファッションモデルやミュージシャンらを撮る同じカメラで、ただシャッターを押すことだけした。その無力感に光を与えてくれたのが、赤ちゃんの笑顔。「見る者を惹きつける赤ちゃんの笑顔を撮影することでパワーに換え 助けが必要な人々に貢献したい!」と 堀口マモルは決意。 そして、SmilingBaby プロジェクトが大きな一歩を踏み出しました。

Smokey Mountain in the Philippines. People living in the garbage, and children. By witnessing the reality, photographer Horiguchi Mamoru was able to do the same camera shooting a glittering fashion model and musicians, just to press the shutter. The smile of the baby gave us the light of that helplessness. "I want to contribute to people who need help by switching to power by taking a picture of the smile of a baby attracting people who see it," Mamoru Horiguchi decided. And the SmilingBaby project has taken a big step.
I shot a smile of over 4,000 babies in Japan and overseas. I visited the Philippines and Zambia abroad, and the affected areas in the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan, and also has support projects.

Smiling Baby.jp



The brand of ayumi.mitsukane is supported by T-three Co., Ltd. based in Hokkaido Japan.

Based on the development of highly scarce materials such as fabrics, patterns and product dyed by Takumi's technology, we are expanding the planning, manufacturing and sales of brands as apparel artist productions originating from Sapporo.



STUDIO YPSILON代表 Yoshi Funabashi 1982年よりミラノに拠点を置き、エレガントラインのコレクションを展開。常に新しい発想を模索しデザインに生かしていく芸術家。 オペラ、テニス、料理を楽しみながらイタリアの職人と共に洋服作りを行う。

STUDIO YPSILON representative Yoshi Funabashi Since 1982, based in Milan, he developed a collection of elegant lines. An artist constantly exploring new ideas and making use of it in design. Enjoy clothes with Italian craftsmen while enjoying opera, tennis and cuisine.

Yoshi Funabashi